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This research will take readers on a journey to four different alien worlds, which represent the four stereotypical genres of aliens. During the journey, nine aliens and dozens of alien-related incidents will be introduced and compared. In each world, a relevant issue will be brought up, and the research will analyze it from aliens’ perspectives. Nine remarkable aliens are recruited from the earliest alien fiction in 200AD to the latest alien movie. Therefore, nine hidden connotations behind aliens will be revealed in the research. These connotations stand for not only the implicit notion of aliens but also important catalysts for a more inclusive mindset.

Design Research, 2020

The Embassy of Aliens

A diplomacy initiative to develop the reimagining of aliens

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Although no aliens have been found in the vast universe, the scientific research that acts upon the presumption of alien existence has also gradually transformed the notion of aliens from human imagination into emerging issues that span from conspiracy theories, space colonization to planetary governance. However, these issues have actually existed in alien fiction for hundreds or even thousands of years. Although aliens in fiction are imaginary beings, they constantly evolve along with the development of human civilization. Due to the endless entanglement between aliens and humans, aliens are just like a mirror of humanity. Since aliens can, at a certain level, influence the human future, how can we approach the issues through the perspectives of aliens? Researching aliens through scientific means could be a direct path to the answer; unfortunately, aliens are not a popular topic in the scientific world because the research can easily be stigmatized as an insult to the honesty of the scientific inquiry. Nonetheless, the transformation of the notion of aliens is not just influenced by science but also culture and media, so this thesis will re-approach the notion of aliens by looking into alien-related literature and film. Through revealing the hidden connotations behind aliens, these aliens will provide various insights and reflections to the current issues. By collaborating with aliens, this thesis hopes to challenge people's stereotypes toward aliens and negotiate our perceived differences and borders with others, societies, and worlds.

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