Hung Lu Chan is a designer from Taiwan and now studying Social Design at Design Academy Eindhoven. He is interested in the interconnection and power dynamic between humanity and technology, especially how technology shapes human imagination and social interaction. With the professional skill of industrial design, he is good at using objects as a probe to not only explore the possible futures but also challenge the norm and the stereotype that is influenced by technology. His works usually focus on providing unique experiences that trigger people's reflection. He believes humans' stereotypical mindset is the core issue to tackle before providing tangible solutions. His recent projects Navitronic, Napkin Table, and Odorhack have been respectively featured in Eindhoven Maker Faire, Designboom, ABC news, and 404 International Technology and Art Festival in Colombia.


2018 - 2019 Pegatron_Industrial Designer

2016 - 2018 Merlin's Mustache Lab_Interactive Designer
2014 Probe Design Lab_Intern
2013 GIXIA Group_Intern
2012 Agua Design_Intern


2020 Eindhoven Maker Faire, Netherlands

2017 Napkin Table DIY_workshop, Taiwan

2017 Conductive Ink Lamp_workshop, Taiwan

2017 Think Ridiculous_workshop, Taiwan
2016 404 Festival of Art & Technology, Colombia
2014 Meet Young Designer In Taipei, Taiwan
2014 Young Designer Exhibition, Taiwan
2014 A+ Creative Festival, Taiwan


2019 - 2021 Design Academy Eindhoven

             Social Design

2010 - 2014 Tunghai University

              Industrial Design



2018 Digital Singularity Awards_Best Interactive Application_Bronze

2016 Cannes Young Lion Competition Taiwan_Third Prize

2014 Electrolux Design Lab_Top 100+

2014 INHON Innovation Award_Second Prize

2013 GIGABYTE Design Competition_Outstanding Award

2013 Houseware Design_Shortlisted