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Sense Diary

Make your story more brilliant

Concept Design

We like to share, sharing anything from music to photos, people nowadays more likely to share them on the internet. Through the all kinds of social media, we can tell the stories more vividly and comprehensively. Media truly played a vital role in our daily lives, but after the passing decades, we can still only enjoy the media in both visual and acoustic ways. However, delicious food is also one of the memories we love to keep and share, with no recording device specially make for odor how we can preserve the emotion while we take a bite of these wonderful cuisines. This phenomenon inspired me to question what a life would be if we could have a media specifically for odor sharing. Contrary to the past, modern people prefer to keep and share their story on the internet, so I need to create a device which can analyze the odor into data form and rebuild it from another displaying device. It should be an easy carrying and intuitive object. Through the technology reference I got from the internet, I am proposing to apply electronic nose and ismell device, which are primarily used in medical and food industry, on this project. Therefore, I made Sense Diary, a portable device which can keep visual, acoustic and odor sign in one device, moreover, it could analyze the smell you record into 128 basic elements, and recompose them at other place with a player. For smell recording, you just need to smell the odor through the gas hole on the Sense Diary, then you can record what you smell. Imagine you were having a fantastic meal with your friend, and the dish was so awesome that you want to share it with everyone so bad. So you took out the Sense Diary from your bag and took some photos at first, and took a breath from the device to keep the smell. After getting home, you downloaded the data from the icloud, and telling a good story of the meal with not only the images but also the same smell you taste in the restaurant. Sense Diary is a device to make your story more than brilliant, and it could also kick the social media to another level.

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