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Power Detective

Keep an eye on the energy at your home

Concept Design

Energy saving is becoming a daily issue for people nowadays, but it’s easier said than done. Because you can’t update the power consumption and usage at any time, all you can do is keep your mind on the socket at your home and make sure every appliance has been turned off, or maybe you need to compare with the bills every two months. It’s absolutely an annoying way to save energy. What if we could have a smarter power system, it could not only keep an eye on the power condition and the using habits, but what more powerful is that it could provide you a professional advices through the massive data in the power network. You can grasp any information of your appliance on your smartphone and saving energy with ease.

Power Detective must a good helper on the domestic power. Power Detective is a power system combine with the smart socket, power monitor, and the Power Detective APP, it could update and record all the situation every single time, and you could monitor everything just on your phone. What’s more, Power Network is the main feature in this APP, you could see dozens of suggestion and advice on the electric products and energy saving methods. You are not alone on the road of energy saving. In addition, the electric current sensor is embedded in the smart socket, it could record the usage between all the appliances and compare the consumption data with other families, so you could get an ideal recommended power consumption every month. At last, when you encounter an emergency situation, you could get a notification through the APP. Via the Wifi, you could remote handle the condition and turn off the socket at the very first moment.

It’s important to monitor and record at any time when you are handling the energy. Through the technology of RFID and records of using habit, Smart Socket would be able to distinguish which appliance was used. There are two magnets which are motivated by the electric current embedded in the smart socket, so when there is any breakdown being detected or the socket wasn’t turned off after using, you could use the APP to motivate the magnets and turn off the socket.

The monitoring device was connected to all the sockets at home, so it would display the situation from every single socket on the screen, you could also update the information whenever you like on the phone. And the device would show the recommended consumption of the month on the rim light, it could remind the user how much power they have used already through the diminishment of the light.

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