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When was the last time you had a wonderful talk with your friends during a meal? Since more and more people are addicted to smartphone technology, people have become more absent minded at mealtimes. However, you want to make a change! You are the one who want to chat more and have more surprises between you two. This phenomenon inspired Hung Lu Chan to think over what an ideal dining is, and try to figure out if there is a brand new experience that can bring back the attention to the dining table. For a better interaction, high connection and most importantly much funnier dining experience. You should try this. A whole new dining gadget, Napkin Table!

Napkin Table

Draw your attention back to the dining

Napkin Table is an experimental product reflecting on today’s social dining experience. Through the form of napkin, you and your partner should work together to keep the table steady. With this high-connection gadget, and yes I mean “ real high-connection”, you should be intensely careful due to a single sneeze could mess up the whole table. Anyway, Napkin Table would definitely bring your attention right back to the table and enjoy the time.


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