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Self-training For Mosquito Coexistence

Speculative Objects, 2023

Tools for making peaceful living with pests


Mosquitoes have been a persistent nuisance, robbing me of precious sleep and pushing my patience to the limit with their incessant buzzing and itchy bites. I‘ve tried an array of tools, from mosquito coils, mosquito lamps, electric rackets, and sprays to ward them off. The relationship between me and mosquitoes has largely been defined by this ongoing battle for blood. However, rather than resorting to their extermination, I’ve embarked on a project that explores coexistence with these often antagonized creatures, with the aim of extending the idea to coexist with all life on our planet. Within this endeavor, I‘ve devised a novel approach to coexistence.

I‘ve established Your Buzz Is My Peace, a dedicated meditation space where I immerse myself in the background hum of mosquito activity, seeking to link this sound with a soothing, tranquil state of mind. Through this project, I explore tools that challenge our adversarial perception of mosquitoes and embrace the art of coexistence.

Additionally, I Know I Am Delicious, a mosquito-friendly ”feast.“ Mosquitoes have a particular preference for my body parts, so I’ve crafted a unique meal for them, consisting of speculative ankle-flesh, elbow-flesh, and breast-flesh. This diversionary tactic directs their attention towards the meal, sparing my body from their bites.


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