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INHON Smartphone CMF


CMF Design

The CMF design of smartphone is a competition that is held by INHON Company. I submitted two proposals and got into the final in the competition. One is FLOW, and the other is DELTA. These two smartphones are all designed for the urban users.


FLOW is a smartphone specifically designed for the urban sports enthusiasts. FLOW was composed by the three layers. First layer which is also the visual base is a black cover. It took aluminum magnesium alloy as the material to have a better heat dissipation and friendly manufacturing. In the second layer, I used the silicone as the material to outline the shape of heart and attached on the black cover. In order to display the sense of motion on the look, I chose the bright color to make the contrary to the black base. And the third layer which was the little transparent dots on the bright silicone was the soul of FLOW. These gradient dots visualize the image of flowing water on the smartphone, moreover, they can enhance the friction when exercising. FLOW must be a good chose for the urban exercisers.


DELTA is a smartphone especially for the businessmen. Considering to the businessmen have the feature of high frequency of using smartphone, I designed the triangle hollows on the back cover to not only get a better heat dissipation, but also technic look. Aluminum cover with the matte black finishing and the glossy details make the contrast sense which gave DELTA a high visual quality and modern look.

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