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Hotel Products

Concrete x Glass

These hotel products are a project I did in an internship and these are designed for an upcoming hotel. We are asked to do the design based on the tone of the hotel decoration that was shown us in pictures at the beginning. These hotel things could be divided into bedroom stuffs and bathroom stuffs. It was a modern hotel which integrates with the various form of light, so I tried to present the style of modern and the clear of light in this project. Through the simple form, the material could stand out more, so I chose glass and concrete as my material. These two materials are not only chosen for the visual good looking but the features they got. I want to show the crystal-clear and a good reflector of light in the room through the glass. To make that happen, I set the glass to be used in the most part of my products. Contrary to the clear of glass, I pick concrete to be my second material. Not to mention the coarse surface of concrete to be the visual contrast to the glass, but the gorgeous water absorbing is a fantastic reason why I chose it. In addition, when you came to a unique hotel and living for a several nights, you must want to keep something to be served as a memory for you. Therefore, the room card was designed to be a card to open the door and a souvenir to get home! The brilliant experience could be long lasting.

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