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Go Bananas

Various ways to eat bananas

Experience Design

To me, the process of experience is somehow like playing with the pinball machine. Everyone is like a pinball when be born, and will be blast-off to explore the world after all. The targets that you strike in the field will put you into an unknown direction, and they are just like all kinds of daily experiences which make our journey absolutely different from the other. There is no experience either good or bad, but all of them are special and will influence us subtly. I believe that it is the value of why we should create various experiences. Although we already had a stereotype on how objects should be like, they could still be designed and used due to personal preference. Like we all know the exact way to eat a banana, but there are still thousand of ways to enjoy depending on the purposes for. So maybe you could have a small bite in mango way, or you could enjoy it in ketchup way if you want it to be a dressing. I am interested in creating various experience through design to bring more possibilities to our lives.

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